Funky Tonk Heroes 

The Funky Tonk Heroes is a group of five talented musicians from the step-cousin states of Colorado and Maine. They play a unique brand of cosmic country dance music that can transform a typical social gathering into an all-night funky country hoedown. With their hard driving rhythm, powerful vocals, and inspiring solos,  Funky Tonk Heroes engages audiences and fires up the crowd. With a strong dedication to American roots music such as Bluegrass, Country Swing, Rockabilly, Jazz and Classic Rock the Funky Tonk Heroes performances span multiple genres and incorporate diverse musical ideas.  
The Band:
Andrew Anderson – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Andy Gaydos – Pedal Steel, Pony Tails
John Heiland – Bass, Vocals
Larry Novissimo – Drums, Large Portions
Adam Redder – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar